Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Lights at Peddler's Village in Lahaska 2008

If you are looking for something to do this holiday season, check out Peddler's Village, especially after dark. In addition to the hundreds of specialty stores, they offer a nice holiday atmosphere.

To begin with, the village is lit with literally a million or so lights on the trees and buildings. As you walk around, you are treated to an ever changing view. The Gazebo houses a collection of Gingerbread and Marzipan houses. We went this friday and there was no line to get in, but the movement inside the Gazebo was pretty slow. It was worth it though in order to see some great designs.

There is a stand selling warm cider on the square in the center of the village. The warm it in a copper kettle over a hardwood fire. If you are downwind, the smell of the fire just adds to the charm. (IE just enough to notice but not overpowering). You can hear Christmas music througout the square area. The winery was offering complementary wine tasting.

So, if you are looking for something to do with the kids for the Holiday season, then consider a ride to Lahaska.

If you go, make sure you wear good walking shoes and clothes that are warm enough for the weather. Also, if you park in the lot near Earl's Prime note that a lot of the spaces are reserved for Hotel guests and subject to towing. One final thought is that it might pay to bring a backpack if you are planning on purchasing a number of items. Even if you aren't planning to purchase it's hard to avoid it as you go throught the stores.